Benky Rides was born from the belief that it’s never just a bike ride.

Our tours are designed to take you to unforgettable places via the best roads, gravel and trail that we can find.
With trips that take on every surface in the most loved locations across South Africa we have a Tour type for every rider no matter their fitness level, skill set or riding style. We have explored the Country for years and know every nook and cranny of the areas that we will take you ensuring that your Tour can be customised to perfectly suit your desires. By combing this route knowledge with Local hospitality in each area and some unique stops that few have found we are able to provide you with an experience that you will never forget. All that you have to do is ride your bike and enjoy where you are, we take care of the rest.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

An incredible experience, where I was pushed to my utter limits, but still longed for it to continue forever. We saw the most beautiful untouched parts of a country we call home, all on our bicycles.

Matt Blomeyer

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Yes! We cater for all strength and experience levels and will customize our tour to your needs.
Payment is made via EFT into our bank account. 50% is due to confirm your booking with the remainder due one week before the tour takes place.
Every tour has a Rride Guide a dedicated back up vehicle. The vehicle will carry spare parts so that any mechanical issues can be fixed as well as on-the-bike nutrition so that your energy levels can last as long as the ride does.
At every overnight stop we make sure that all riders have the opportunity to experience some local hospitality. This can range from a dinner in the local pub to a tour of an old town or a talk with some local riders to learn more about their home. We ensure that every tour ends with our guests knowing a little more about what makes the routes we choose so uniquely special.
Yes you can. We offer accommodation plans for non-riders as well as transport. You can enquire on booking about the cost of this service.
All Hotels and Guest Houses are at least 4 Star rated for the standard tours. We are however able to customize tours for both a more luxurious experience or a more rustic one should you wish. Simply state this desire upon booking and we will discuss with you how we can best tailor the experience to your needs.
Yes you can. We have a fleet of Road, Adventure and Mountain Bikes ready for you should you need. Simply state this desire upon booking and we will discuss which bike will best suit your needs.
Yes, in fact we encourage this. All rides are best shared with friends.
We do not book flights directly but have relationships with travel agents that we trust and can refer you to them.
Yes of course. All of our trips can be for one or more riders, simply enquire when booking about the effect of this on the cost.
Yes! We want to make your experience the best possible on for you and are excited to work with you to make that happen.
Cancellations do occur, but very rarely. We endeavor to rather change dates than cancel a trip but if we do a full refund is provided.
Every trip is different and so we will send you a packing list once your booking is confirmed.
You can ride with new friends or old friends and will always be accompanied by an expert ride guide with thorough knowledge of the area.
No it does not. Our staff all receive a salary but you are welcome to pay a gratuity to them should you wish. In South Africa a 10% gratuity is considered the standard.